Monday, May 21, 2018

Summer Reading Program

Summer is good time to instill lifetime habbits. One of those all important habits is keeping your child invested in reading.  It has been researched and proven that children who read during the summer have a head start over others when fall rolls around and school begins. Take time to check out our local library, join summer reading clubs, and find a fun book to read together. This is such a valuable asset to our community of learning at MRA.  

Your child should come home this week with their Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge packet. It includes a letter explaining the program and your child's username and password to keep track of minutes read this summer. They have the opportunity to unlock prizes and other activities.

The Alder and Cedars have compiled a list of their favorite books. Along with some teacher recommendations we are encouraging them to read five or more books this summer. We would love your help in encouraging our young adults to continue to read.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Update On Library Classes

Front Cover

Trillium have been learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts.  We are discovering that a proper definition of a fiction book is more then "not real".  Fiction stories are ideas that come from an author's imagination.  Nonfiction books are books that give us information and facts about a subject we may want to learn more about.  Our purpose to read fiction books is for entertainment and our purpose to read nonfiction is to learn.  We have been reading books about chickens, eggs, elephants, and more and putting them into the correct genre. Including this delightful story about an unlikely friendship built between elephant and dog.

The Huckleberry classes have been reading the folktales of Stone Soup.  We have learned that this fun tale came first from France and then has spread across the world in it's many different versions.  We have planted our very own stone soup garden in the school garden and can't wait to try our hand at creating our own stone soup recipe.

Stone Soup (Aladdin Picture Books)The Real Story of Stone Soup

The Clarkia have been looking into Native American heroes under the biography genre.  We have read some heart-touching stories of real Native American's that have overcome great odds to make a difference in our world.  "Saltypie" is a story told by a Choctaw woman's grandson on how she overcame being different not only by skin color but blindness.  Her determination to never give up inspired the story Tim Tingle wrote.  We also read a few stories about the residence boarding schools that many of Native American children were sent to and how these children tried to hold on to the memories of their tribes and traditions.

When I Was EightSaltypie: A Choctaw Journey from Darkness into Light  Shi-shi-etko

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Thank you!

Thank you to all who participated in this year's Scholastic Book Fair.  We sold 629 books and made close to $1000 in profit.  This money will be used to buy books for the library.  The students are making their suggestions and we can't wait to add to our collection. 

I would like to give a special thank you to K'yla Djoseland for all her help and support during our bookfair.  Thank you to all our faithful bookfair volunteers.  We appreciate you.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Biggest Book Fair Yet!!!

Thank you for a great start to our book fair.  We are 1/3 of the way to meeting our goal!

Beginning this Friday, April 13th through Thursday, April 19th we will be holding our annual Scholastic Book Fair.  This book fair is so important for our community for two important reasons.  First, getting the right fit books into your child's hands to create a love for reading, adventure, knowledge, and deepening their senses of a greater world around them is so essential for developing character and depth of brain development.  Second, this fair is our biggest fundraiser to bring new books to our growing library collection.  Our goal is to sell 600 books which will bring in about $1000 in profit for our library!  We will be having the book fair open during our student-led conferences.  Please take a stroll through and "Paws for Books".
Please click on the following link to take you to our online book fair as well as more information.  Don't forget to browse our teacher wish baskets.  Thank you for all your support.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

OBOB Results

Our Enchanted Readers and Rock-n-Roll Readers represented MRA proudly during their battles this past Saturday at our County Regional Tournament.  These ladies read 16 books, memorized titles and authors, and recalled many details of dates and characters in each.   Each battle consists of 16 questions.  The first 8 questions are identifying in which book some detail is found.  The second 8 questions are content questions and can be from any of the 16 books.  It takes a lot of focus, dedication, and commitment to reach this achievement.  We are so proud of these ladies.  

From left to right:  Lily Olson, Elise Quinlan, Hope Wanderscheid, and Rachel Zacher

Our Enchanted Readers (3rd-5th grade team) won one of their four battles and gained a combined total of 95 points.  From this experience they had fun reading books together and are determined to become a better team for next year's battle.  

From left to right:  Layla Ball, Shelby Goetz, Kylie Benim, and Annie Border

Our Rock-n-Roll Readers (6th-8th grade team) soared through their first four battles and came out ahead.  They had a combined 155 total points which took them to the Sweet 16 round.  They were in 9th place at this point.  They battled fiercely but lost to St. Mary's by just 10 points.  To be in our county's top 16 schools is quite an accomplishment.  With their many commitments to other extracurricular activities,  they've made sacrifices to give up their lunch and recess times to dedicate to this competition.  We are proud.
Please help me in congratulating these readers.  

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Congratulations To Our 2018 OBOB Teams

Our 2018 6th-8th grade team to represent us at regionals will be the Rock-n-Roll Readers.  Annie Border, Shelby Goetz, Layla Ball, Kylie Benim, and Kayla Appleton will compete this coming Sunday, March 11th at Estacada Middle School.  Thank you, ladies for your commitment and hard work in reading all the books and working to memorize details and names. 

Our 3rd-5th team, The Enchanted Readers won a very exciting and competitive bracket this year.  Rachel Zacher, Lily Olson, Hope Wanderscheid, Elise Quinlan, and Laura Benim will be battling against other schools from our region on Saturday, March 17th at Clackamas Community College.  Well done!  Please help us congratulate our readers.  This takes lots of dedication and work to make it this far.