Monday, September 25, 2017

Trillium's Squash

Our Trillium students have the big job of watching over our squash and gourds in our Roots Garden.  In the past couple of weeks they have taken some close observations to determine what makes our squash happy. 

 This week we read a great story about Sophia who loved her squash so much that she named it Bernice and took her everywhere, including the library.  She was dismayed to find out her squash was turning spotted and getting squishy.  What is Sophia to do with a squash she loves? 
She finds out Bernice holds a great surprise...

Will our squash have surprises for us?  

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Great Reads

In our library classes this week, we read some great books on book care, how to find a "right-fit" book, and what it looks like to read a book.

Molly, the librarian gets a little mixed up and brings her bookmobile to the zoo.  The animals jump on the chance to read while Molly explains how to best treat books which inspires the animals to create and organize their own zoobrary.  This story mimics a Dr. Seuss style of writing and the students loved it.  

This funny and creative book explains that bringing a circus to the library may not work as well as Magnolia thought it may.   In the end she finds it much more fun to find a book to ignite imaginations for her audiences.  

This clever book by Kate Messner tells a story within a story with the intention of showing readers the best way to share and read a story.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Look At Our First Week

Our class time in library and computer this week was spent touring and getting reacquainted with our revised media center.  We learned where our seasonal, non-fiction, chapter, theme, holiday, everybody, and biography books are kept.

 We hope to begin our book checkouts this week.  We have over 150 new titles added this summer to our collection.  Please remember to help your student bring back their library books on their library day.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Welcome Letter to 2017-18 School Year

Welcome to MRA’s Mountain Meadow Media Center

September 5, 2017

Dear MRA Families,

I would like to welcome you and your students to a new school year!  It was exciting to see how many student participated in our scholastic summer reading program.  We read for a combined 23,202 minutes!  I am looking forward to creating an environment for a passion and love for books and resources.   I encourage you to come and wander around our newly revised media center.  We did some moving of walls and shelves this summer and created more spaces for students to delve deeper into books.  

I am excited to see that our library collection has grown and is growing.  With that in mind I want to make sure that we continue to respect the gifts of books we have been given.  The students will be challenged to understand that our media center is a special collection of resources and requires care from all users.  We will be focusing on how to locate and access many different digital/print resources.  They will be using the information they gather in their classroom and personal projects.   I hope you will partner with me in helping our students become responsible learners.  

The students (K-8thth) will have a media center time each week and will be allowed to check out 1-4 books depending on age and responsibility shown.   They have two weeks to read and enjoy their books.  After that time if they have not returned their overdue books they will not be able to check out another until those are returned.  If a book becomes lost or damaged (accidents happen) please let me know.   Then a fee will be issued to replace the book unless we can come to another agreement.
Library/Media Times
Trillium:  Mondays 1:30-2pm
Huckleberry South:  Tuesdays 1:30-2pm
Huckleberry North:  Fridays 1-1:30pm
South Clarkia:  Mondays and Tues. 8:30-8:50am
North Clarkia:  Thur. and Fri.  8:30-8:50am
Alder West:  Mon and Thurs. 2-2:45pm
Alder East:  Tues. and Fri. 2-2:45pm
Cedars: Will use as needed

I am looking forward to a great year and thank you for your support.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Reading!
New Fiction Books Added This Year!
Our New Non-Fiction Books

Our New Everybody Books

Thursday, August 10, 2017

File_000.jpegMountain Meadow in 2017-18

Our Mountain Meadow Media Center will have a different look this year.  We are working hard to make this space one in which students can easily find a comfortable place to cozy up to a book.  We took down a few walls and added some seating with the goal of furthering to create an environment that enhances collaboration work, uses of different types of resources, relevant research capabilities, and new and exciting literature to capture all audiences.   Please stop by and check out our 100 new titles added to the library this summer.  

Yes, we have the newest Land Of Stories!  

Thank you to all our avid summer readers.  So, far Molalla River Academy has recorded 22,665 minutes on our scholastic summer reading program.   Please check out this program by going to:   Keep up the great reading.  I look forward to hearing what you’ve been reading.  

Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer Reading Program


We are participating in an exciting reading program this summer.  Your student should have come home with a reading challenge sign-in paper.  Your student has been assigned a username and password to  They can create an account where they can log in their summer reading minutes and unlock virtual prizes and games.  Please help us with our goal of 218 students committing to read for the summer.  Look for their Sign-in paper in their backpacks.  Thank you for supporting strong readers.  

Remember to come visit the book fair to get a jump start on good book titles for the summer.  When you sign your student up for our summer reading pledge they will receive an entry into our raffle ticket drawing to win a $10 gift certificate to use at the book fair for next Friday.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair will be Friday, May 26th-Friday, June 2nd.  It will be open before and after school.  We are collecting summer reading pledges for your chance to win a gift certificate to spend at the book fair.  Please come check it out.  We will be open during our Doughnuts for Dudes event.