Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book Fair-This Week!

Please stop by our Scholastic Book Fair this week.  Open before and after school, in the WildWoods Gym.  This helps support new books for our library.  Thank you.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hoax or No Hoax?

The Cedars have been exploring what makes a website authentic.  We have had some fun exploring websites trying to determine if they are a hoax or if they are real.  The Cedars have used online comprehension strategies and answered questions to determine if this site is authentic.  What do you think?  We would love for you to try out the link and discover if the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is indeed an endangered species! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Talks

With so many books in the world it's hard to know what to read next or what might spark an interest.  This year at MRA we are letting students lead the way to the next great read.  The Alders did a great job in sharing "A Hook", something that grabs the readers attention, and "A Quick Look", a summary without giving too much away about irresistible books.  Please come have a look at their top picks in our Media Center.  
 Nathan sharing about  a great adventure and mystery series:  Alex Rider

Evie sharing about the new  mysterious and thrilling Miss Peregrine series!  
A captured audience as Libby shares "I am Princess X".

Sunday, October 2, 2016

So, Sad...

Image result for image of the thank you book

We are saddened to hear that Mo Willems wrote his last Elephant and Piggie book in the series.  We read, laughed, asked a zillion questions, and loved our time with this book this week.

Here's an excerpt from Publishers Weekly article from Mo Willems:

“Twenty-five is a lot. I guess if you don’t know how to read by now you never will,” Willems wisecracked. “But seriously, I knew from the beginning that Elephant & Piggie would be my life’s work. The part I have enjoyed the most is where they stopped being my invention and I could just put them in a position – say, have a snake show up – and they would essentially write the story for me without being bombastic or difficult like the pigeon.”

We are anxiously awaiting Willems new book in which the artwork is all done with cut paper.  

 Image result for nanette's baguette images

If you are looking for a good read aloud for your family I would encourage you to try it.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Book Hunts and Role Plays

This week our Trillium through Clarkia students worked at finding "right fit" books.  Ms. Blythe took one of our favorite books, "We Are Going On A Book Hunt" by Pat Miller and created a rhythmic chant for us to experience the wonder of the library.  We practiced using our "Five Finger Rule" along with all our book hunt steps.

"Now it's time to choose a good-fit book
You can't read a hard one
You don't want an easy one
So, we'll use our fingers
Miss a word, up, stop at five"  

Image result for images for five finger rule for right fit book

Please ask your child if they remember the chant.  It's a fun and catchy way to remember proper book picking strategies.  

Our digital citizens are working hard in creating pieces of work to share with the MRA student body on good online behavior.  Here is a sample of a few.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Citizenship and Books We Love!

 In all our media classes we have been learning the importance of becoming a honorable digital citizen.  Jory C.  described the internet as "a place where the world of information is at your computer without leaving your house".  With this in mind we know we have to be careful with that much information.  We have learned through role plays and discussions how to stay safe online, how to stand up to cyberbullying, how to keep personal information private, and  to find a trusted adult when you encounter something that makes your uncomfortable.  Our Alders and Cedars will be performing short skits to share with the Clarkia students by modeling good online behavior.  Please click on the links on the right side of this blog entry to find out more of how you can help your student learn about online safety.  

All our students have been working on finding the right fit books.  Our "Books We Love" bulletin board is filling up with great titles of books that our MRA students want to share with others.  Please remember to help remind your students to bring their library books back on their library day.  Thank you.